We have curated a range of resources, books, apparel, sensory tools, fidgets, online learning, recorded panels and more. Some of this may be covered by your NDIS, so please check with your provider.
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Books & Resources

We have curated a list of neuro-affirming books and resources, each carefully approved by us for their alignment with our principles and values. Dive into this collection and find the perfect tools to support your journey or to share with others who can benefit from them. Make your selection today and be a part of fostering understanding and appreciation for the often hidden needs of autsitic girls, women and gender diverse people.

Panels & Webinars

Welcome to the first of many educational and community-based webinars and panels!


    What better way to represent Yellow Ladybugs than wearing some awesome YLB apparel!

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    These accessories are the perfect addition to represent Yellow Ladybugs!

    Sensory & Fidgets

    These fidgets and sensory toys will provide endless fun and entertainment for your Yellow Ladybug! 
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    Welcome to the most requested videos from the last 3 Yellow Ladybugs' conferences!